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Elizabeth L
Elizabeth appears yearly on FOX TV News for NEW YEAR's predictions & has appeared on CBS TV. She consistently predicts world events that happen on live TV year after year! A very down to earth Psychic Medium you shouldn't miss!

Elizabeth's passion is helping you with deeper spiritual issues as well as regular life questions to help you along your path. She connects with your energy and spirit offering information to help you find new choices, solutions and ways of being. The messages she receives frequently highlight the reasons for current or past experiences that may change your perspective and offer new avenues.

She does not make decisions for you, but gives you enough information so you can make your own choices. She reads the pattern of a situation and reveals what you might be doing subconsciously to block the flow and what you can do consciously to change the situation.

"Elizabeth is one of the top psychics in US and a delight to talk to."
- J.A., commentator, Fox 2 News

"Elizabeth is a truly gifted psychic who brings caring, compassion and understanding to her clients."
- Cathryn, Columbia, SC

"Elizabeth, I really appreciate the encouragement you gave me. Out of the blue, you said my new magazine would become a leader in the environmental and holistic community. It has happened! Thank you again!"
- G.K., publisher, Midwestern United States

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