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Loving advice from an experienced, highly attuned Psychic Medium. Spencer & her guides will help you with love, relationships, career & more. Her soothing style & wisdom from the ages will put you on cloud 9!

Spencer is a Spiritual healer, teache rand lecturer with over 30 years professional experience. She is an ordained minister and founder of the Inner Light Center, Tucson, AZ. She has delivered her wise readings to the public for over 30 years.

She has a warm, friendly and very open reading style delivering her messages with integrity in a non-judgemental way. Spencer uses her guides to help you see more clearly the possibilities that lie ahead.

"Spencer is an exceptional psychic medium. I have spent alot of money searching for an authentic medium of her high caliber, and finally found that in Spencer. Don't waste your time or money, call Spencer - she is the REAL deal!!!"
- Gwen, New Mexico

"Spencer, thank you, thank you, you're truly a blessing for me, you were dead on!"
- Tom, San Diegao, CA

"Spencer, you blew my mind! Many thanks for the best reading I've ever had!"
- John C, TX

"I would like to a moment from my hectic schedule and comment on my experience with Spencer - it was truly a breath of fresh air. She's totally genuine and her voice is extremely full of confidence and compassion. She gives you the sense that she is caring yet very honest and makes me feel very relaxed. I will continue this experience with Spencer and have lots more of positive thoughts. Thank you tons!"
- William, Barstow, CA

"Spencer is the best! She wasted no time on my issues - right to the point. Can't say enough good things!"
- Biannca

"Spencer - she was great! Very, very helpful!"
- MK, San Jose, CA

"Spencer was very caring, acuurate and really took her time to dig deep to get the answers. Maybe not what I wanted to hear but what I really needed to hear. Thank you Spencer and I recomend her to anyone one who is seeking te truth."
- Sean, Tucson, AZ

"Your readings are truely a treat! Thank you, Spencer!"
- Percy, Australia

"Spencer, you are excellent! Thank you so much for a quality reading!"
- Dena, Dublin, Ireland

"I finally got to speak with Spencer. It was worth the wait. She is fabulous!"
- Darla, Winston-Salem, NC

"You are amazing! He called just like you said he would! I'll be calling again and again!"
- Shannon, Madison, WI

"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful reading!"
- Sara, Jersey City, NJ

"Spencer has also helped me soooo much on a spiritual level and I am very greatful for her help as well. She is very intuitive and has helped me grow as a person."
- Debbie, Toledo, OH

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